Anna Matveyeva

The live part of the project will take place on October 5, 2003. The essence of the live part is live sound performance given by Petersburg artists; the live sound will be broadcasted on Kunstradio Austria and on the Internet radio, alternating with live sound performance of artists in Vienna, thus creating a cultural dialogue between sound artists of the two countries and, at the same time, forming a powerful sound program for all listeners.
The St.Petersburg place for live events will be Internet Cafe Quo Vadis; it is there that the sound will be broadcasted from.

To take part in the live performance, I have chosen artists who work with sound in non-traditional ways. I was not interested in inviting musicians, DJs or traditional poets and making just another concert. Thus, I have decided to invite artists who work on the borderline between performance, recitation, music, and creating sound environments.

In Petersburg, two participants will perform within the SANS FRONTIERES event: Poetic group DRELI KUDA POPALO and the artist Dmitry Shubin.

Dreli Kuda Popalo (DKP) are a group of six young poets working in Petersburg since 1998. Their works are based on sound and inflexion rather than regular text. This is why DKP's main way of self-presentation is not publication but live performance or video clip. DKP's expressive (almost aggressive), violently emotional, dynamic performances are usually exciting even for non-Russian-speaking audiences. The DKP poets write in Russian and in English but I suppose that for SANS FRONTIERES they will perform in Russian: the non-verbal emotional message which is the basis of DKP poetry will be received by the audience anyway, while the performance will have an extra dimension of enabling the audience to feel the melodic of Russian language.
DKP website:

Dmitry Shubin is a well-known Petersburg artist working in a variety of media: from photography to computer graphics and from installation to video and sound mixes. For SANS FRONTIERES, Dmitry Shubin is going to present a sound mix, mixed live in Quo Vadis. For his sound works, Shubin uses all kind of everyday sounds: voices, street noises, machine sounds, fragments of TV or radio broadcasts (news), rhythm and music patterns.
Dmitry Shubin website: